7W LED Seinavalgusti EKLYPS Gold Ø15 46201/06/02

Tootja: Lucide


New product

With light source

Fitted with warm white light (3000K)

Easy to connect to a wall switch (excl.)

Made of high quality Aluminum

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Tarneaeg: 2 - 3 tööpäeva

Laoseis: 1 vnt.

Tootja ladu: Laos olemas 

Võimsus, max. (W) 7
Toitepinge 230V
Pesa tüüp Integreeritud LED
Toetatud lambitüübid LED
Diameeter (cm) 15
Kaugus seinast (cm) 3
Korpuse värv Kuldne
Materjalid Alumiinium
Komplekt sisaldab lampe Sisaldab
Värvitemperatuur (K) 3000K (soe valge)
Kaitseklass (IP) IP20
Valgusvoog (lm) 550
Stiil Modernne
Keskmine tööaeg (tundides) (h) 30000
Hämardatav/dimmerdatav Ei
Kuju Ümar
Garantii (aasta) 3
More info

A cosy warm light on your ceiling or wall. That is Eklyps LED. This version is flexible: feel free to use it as a wall lamp or ceiling lamp. Eklyps LED is fairly small in size and creates a warm glow in your environment and on the wall. The lighting is hidden behind a sleekly finished metal disc. Once the light is turned on, the disc changes into a diffuse glow that creates warm accent lighting. The aluminium base of the wall lamp can be attached easily to the wall. The integrated LED lighting does the rest. Eklyps LED fits perfectly in modern interior architecture, and in pretty much any room. Add an extra touch to your dining room, the guest toilet, the foyer or your lounge: anything is possible, nothing is required.